What I’m doing now

Music Therapy

I am in my second year of my master’s in Music Therapy at the University of Pretoria. So far this journey has enriched my life immeasurably and although the course is extremely challenging I feel privileged to be a part of it.

From the start of the year I’ve been studying, trying to complete my research proposal and working as much as I possibly can to keep earning a living. And Covid-19 has now interrupted everything. So who knows what the future holds?


My students currently range from a 7 year-old Tom Waits fan to a 60- something year-old “goggo” (grandma) who would like to surprise people at her church by playing guitar for themnext year.


I can’t wait to do live gigs again. In the meantime I’m playing a lot of guitar at home and I’ve done a few impromptu concerts for my building during lockdown.

Songs from the fire escape, 2020 lockdown

In normal times I work fairly regularly with two wonderful musicians: Ziza Muftic and Concord Nkabinde. Please follow Ziza on Facebook if you would like to get notifications on the gigs: Ziza

I also work with Erika Strydom in our band Starlight Jazz. We do everything from restaurants to corporate events, weddings, birthdays etc. You can find more info about booking us here: